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Nurses Month - Professional Development

In today’s chaotic environments, the art of nursing is ever more important. The nursing profession is patient-centric above all else, and our trained ability to personally connect with each patient and to understand their concerns, desires, and symptomology as we support their care journey is our art. 

Nurses must learn to speak and listen effectively. In other words, the science of nursing is much more than scientific knowledge or technology experience. This is the basis behind the “TIS Methodology,” an innovative, systematic approach to purposeful, interpersonal relational communication published in Creative Nursing by three faculty members at my alma mater, St Mary’s College at Notre Dame, Indiana.


Professional development is the theme of the week — May 15-21 — as the celebration of Nurses Month continues. And how appropriate, as earlier this month I had the opportunity to visit my alma mater for an event that delivered real-world industry expertise to faculty and students. 

During my visit, conversation around the “TIS Methodology” — which stands for Theme, Invitation, and Simplicity — caught my attention. It served as a reminder that nursing is a human science, and that professional development should incorporate relationship and communication skills. Although we are individuals with our own communication styles, so too are our patients. This communication methodology serves to support a shared understanding of issues and experiences. 
I applaud these faculty members for implementing training with nursing students, and I look forward to seeing further results published.  
Considering the criticality of professional development to career agility, job satisfaction, performance, and competence, I hope that each one of you will make time and give yourself space to invest in your own learning and advancement. 

Happy Nurses Month to all!