Nurses: In Community With One Another, We Can Move Mountains

Community Engagement


Community engagement is a powerful vehicle for change. Working “in community” with others improves communication, understanding, and trust. And whenever we are “engaged,” we are likely to play a more meaningful role in shaping the outcomes that affect us, such as the health and wellness of our communities. 

As I mature in my years as a professional, the community of nursing is one that I feel very connected to; connected to the people and the work and the collective mission we share. All nurses who enter the profession are here because we have the same desire to help and serve others.

It was in a discussion with several of my nurse colleagues here at UKG, that we discovered each of us had uncovered similar bright spots during the peak of the pandemic. Although many of our close connections and interactions were feeling strained during periods of quarantine or when community spaces and offices were closed — when we couldn’t travel to see family or meet out for dinner with friends; when we couldn’t come together with our neighbors or attend community events or church — it was during this time we found community in supporting and connecting with nurses. Some of my colleagues stepped up to work at local testing sites and immunization centers. Others deepened relationships with nurse colleagues, keeping in close touch as we shared our joint experiences. It gave many of us a boost: a feeling of connection we’d been craving.

At the core of these actions was a desire to be in the community and to problem solve some of the most unthinkable challenges facing our profession. Perhaps, you also found opportunities to create a connection with nurses or embrace your community during the past challenging months? Reflecting on these moments is important. Consider now, what is your involvement in the nursing community? And how can you strengthen your engagement?

Your singular voice, participation, and engagement in nursing has the power to propel our profession to move forward. We are in a time like no other. This time is ripe for “forward” movement, creative exploration, innovation, and community engagement. We nurses must come together to support one another, support the future of the profession, and care for others.

To all the nurses I know, respect, trust, and honor: this month of celebration is for you. Thank you for all you do and for being part of my community — the UKG community — now and in the future.


Have a happy Nurses Month from us all at UKG.