Top 5 Interview Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager

Top Interview Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager

Interviews can be intimidating and stressful. You want to make sure you’re showing your best self, while also ensuring that the company is a good fit for you. So, what questions should you ask the hiring manager? What should you be looking out for when interviewing?

I surveyed several HR colleagues to come up with the top five questions to ask a hiring manager, and why. Remember: If you don’t ask any questions, you’re wasting a huge opportunity. These questions will provide you with a better understanding of the company, the hiring manager, and whether this role could be a good fit for you. 

Top 5 Interview Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager

1. Can you outline what my first four weeks might look like in this role?

This question can give you a better idea of how the company handles your onboarding, training, and welcoming process. This will also allow you to have a better understanding of what to expect and how to best prepare for your first few weeks in the role.

2. What is the biggest hurdle that new hires face and what advice would you give to overcome it?

Asking this question will give you a few pieces of information. Based off their response to the first part, do you feel you have the appropriate skillset to navigate the hurdles of this new role and prepare for your training? 

The second part to this question gives you an understanding of what actions they take as a leader to teach or train newcomers. This will also help you gather if the hiring manager has a sense of empathy and understanding for new hires experiencing a learning curve. 

3. What has been your team’s greatest success and/or challenge this last year?

No company is perfect, and asking this question will show you how transparent a hiring manager is willing to be about their challenges. And understanding what the hiring manager considers a success will allow you to determine if your skillset can meet this expectation. Both answers will give you more insight into the company and whether it’s a good fit for you. 

4. If this meeting were my first annual performance review, what would I have done in this year for you to say I excelled in my role?

Having the answer to this question early on can play as an advantage. This will give you an idea of the expectations for this role and how to be successful. While roles can change and evolve, it’s still great to get an early idea of what success looks like. 

5. Why is there an opening for this role?

This question will give you insight into not only the hiring manager, but also the company. Was the previous person promoted, did they resign, was there a company reorganization, a growth in workload? Whatever the reason may be, the hiring manager’s answer may give you a better understanding of what your possible growth with the company, the team, and within this role could look like.

When you meet with a hiring manager, you could be interviewing your future boss. With the right questions, you can gather all the necessary information you need to help you make the best decision for your career.