A Simple Purpose that Created a Great Place to Work

A Simple Purpose that Created a Great Place to Work

Over the past year, I’ve shared the story of how UKG came to be and, most importantly, where we’re headed. From a merger like no other to the values and behaviors we’ve created along the way. Today, I’m incredibly excited to share where UKG is at this very moment.

Just moments ago, UKG ranked #6 on Fortune’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2021 across the United States. Not only is this a huge honor for the U Krew — it’s also a bit of an historic moment. For the first time ever, two companies from a previous year’s list have merged and have emerged as a new great place to work. It’s truly unprecedented.

When it comes to news like this, there’s only one thing I have to say. Thank you.

Thank You, U Krew

Behind the brand, behind the recognition, and behind the technology, there are people. These are people from many corners of the world and many walks of life who came together to build something beautifully different. Today’s honor belongs to each and every one of them.

This company is being built by all of them. When it came to our company’s name, we asked our employees who they wanted to be. When it came to our benefits package, we asked them what was important to them. When it came to developing our new core values, it was their feedback that shaped our decisions. Simply put, when it comes to everything we do within our organization, the voices of our employees are heard.

Because of our people, we’ve been able to accomplish some amazing things this year, our first year as one. To those 13,000 U Krewers out there reading this, thank you again — for everything.

The Promise of UKG

When UKG merged, we promised you — our employees, our customers, and our partners — a story of growth. It’s our sincere hope that you can all see that promise unfolding each day.

As one organization, we’ve been able to do more for our people — and, in turn, our people have been able to do even more for our customers. Our 70+ years of deep understanding of people and the systems that support them came together to build HR and workforce management solutions that shape better work experiences for everyone.

In just one year, under remarkable circumstances, our employees took this collective knowledge and applied it to our purpose of people. Not only did they create better work experiences for our customers — they made UKG better. The recognition our organization has received is a direct result of the incredible talent and efforts of our employees since we merged, and during a pandemic that has impacted us all.

The story of how we got here is amazing for me to reflect on. I promise the story of what we do next will be even better.

For more information about what makes UKG a great place to work, head on over to Fortune’s official list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2021. And to get an even closer look at who we are, check out our careers site and consider joining us in our mission to put people at the center of everything.