The Power of a Platform Extension Through Technology Partners

Power of a True Platform Technology Partners Open API Layer

Integrate. Extend. Innovate.

As SaaS solutions continue to permeate the enterprise software market, end users will see greater product extension options and better interoperability between platforms. This is true for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that build their platform on a modern technology stack, have an open API layer, and have a strategy to be inclusive of partners.  

Continued expansion of UKG Ready, Dimensions and Pro in the market and our technology partner program are great examples of delivering against these benefits.  

Some proof points, in the tenure of the program, customers can benefit from:

•    A Microsoft integration allows customers to perform all of their workforce management tasks from inside Outlook. This add-in allows employees to request time off, view their schedule or punch in from in from inside the Outlook application. Managers can resolve exceptions, view dashboards, and approve time-off without leaving Outlook. This seamless interoperability is a productivity home run for employees and managers. 

•    A Google Sheets integration allows customers to import any data form UKG Dimensions, combine it with third-party data, perform unique visualizations, and then collaborate with other employees. This is done without logging into the Dimensions platform empowering employees to make data driven decisions with ease. 

•    Many additional active partners extend the workforce management capabilities to do things like provide earned wage access; cloud-based document storage; text and IVR communications tools; route optimization solutions for fleet management; and maximizing Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC).

Partners have options in how they pursue integrations and large ISVs have the responsibility to customers to provide options in how this strategy can be delivered. There isn’t a right or wrong option, rather alternatives that best deliver to a customer’s demands. 

Customers need flexibility to build any integration that is unique to their business. Most ISVs will offer some form of a Source Data Management component or access to APIs to build a custom integration. UKG uses Dell Boomi to power our Integration Hub in Dimensions. With an intuitive user interface, Dell Boomi comes equipped with hundreds of standard integrations that can be leveraged to develop custom scheduled integrations. A customer that wants a real-time integration can access the Dimensions APIs directly and create such an integration. The Dimensions Developer Portal provides access to the APIs and gives customers the option to build such an integration or allow partners to build it via access to their tenant. 

What is the benefit to customers? 

If customers have the above options, why do they need anything more? What is the benefit to customers and why should a partner join these formal partner programs?  

In our experience, there are five primary benefits:

  1. It accelerates times to value of an integrated platform. When a partner has built and validated their integration with the respective ISV, it is easier and less time consuming to deploy verses building it custom. For the partner, integrations become more turnkey to deploy and estimates on time/cost are more accurate. For the customer, they can have confidence that the integration will work, should take less time to deliver, and cost less in professional service fees. 
  2. Partners receive tenants and pre-releases of future software updates to ensure that version updates don’t impact the integration. This is critical. The alternative is discovering an issue from the customer after something has already gone wrong. Allowing partners to proactively test in advance of each release ensures a positive customer experience and reduces trouble tickets. 
  3. Partners in programs receive direct access to engineering resources to review their design, answer questions on APIs, and facilitate their development efforts. A review of performance and security standards to formally validate each solution so that customers can deploy with confidence. Partners not in a formal program can only access the online materials, customers development time will likely be longer. Customers should also request copies of security checks, such as PEN tests. 
  4. Partners are included in our integrated global support process. UKG Global Support has a defined process to trouble shoot Tier 1 calls coming in from clients and quickly engage with the partner on resolution. Partners have access to our Customer & Partner Community where trouble tickets are updated, and support materials are posted. 
  5. Customers and prospects can explore partner solutions that might benefit their business via the marketplace. The marketplace is an online site that promotes and explains the formal integrations and product extensions for each solution. 

The UKG Partner Marketplace features more than 245+ technology, carrier, and services partners to join the program.  We continually look to expand the program ensuring we meet the needs of customers interested in leveraging the UKG Ready, Dimensions, and Pro platforms for their time and workforce management and human capital management needs.