Here and Back Again: Two UKG Employees Share Their Stories of Rejoining the U Krew

UKG U Krewer Boomerang Employees

Sometimes it takes change to realize what you value most. U Krewers Deepak J. and Vinita S. can relate. Both have been with UKG for over half a decade but stepped away for short stints to explore other opportunities before realizing that UKG is where they wanted to call home. Today, Deepak, who is a director of sales, works out of the Mumbai, India, office, and Vinita, who is an associate manager of professional services consulting, works out of the Noida, India, office. With their invaluable expertise, UKG was thrilled to welcome back these boomerang employees.

Here, we chat with Deepak and Vinita to understand their professional journey and what brought them back to UKG.

What initially attracted you to work at UKG?

Deepak: Prior to joining UKG in 2010, I was selling enterprise resource planning (ERP), human capital management (HCM), and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. I was looking for options and had offers from big tech companies when I eventually came across an opportunity at UKG. Upon learning more, I dropped my wider search efforts in favor of joining a company where I could make a difference.

How has your career path been shaped in your time at UKG?

Vinita: My UKG journey so far has been amazing. I started as a technical support engineer in 2013. My manager saw potential in me and soon I was moved into the role of application consultant. I aspired to be a people leader and here I am, currently working as an associate manager on the professional services consulting team.

Deepak: I first joined channel sales for India and was offered a promotion to sales manager shortly thereafter. Between 2010-2015 I received multiple awards, expanded our base significantly, and eventually became the head of sales for India.

Share one thing that has surprised you most about working at UKG.

Deepak: The tagline, “Our Purpose is People,” resonates the most with me. We have been in business for more than 45 years now. What amazes me is that while we are the leader in the workforce management (WFM)/HCM space, we are still humble, customer-focused, and care for our biggest asset—our people.

Why did you leave the organization and, more importantly, what brought you back? 

Vinita: The team I was working with had a very limited scope back then. Unfortunately, there was no other team in the Noida office that had work related to my skills, so I found another opportunity. In 2020, I became aware of a new team being set up that needed my skillset. I jumped at the opportunity to return home and have been here ever since.

Deepak: A few weeks after leaving UKG, I received a note from former CEO Aron Ain thanking me and appreciating me for my work and my time at the company. I don’t think I ever really left UKG as I continued to stay in touch with the teams and leadership, eventually realizing that UKG, at its core, valued and cared for people above all else. Within 19 months, I was back at UKG with a completely different role as the head of marketing for India.

I don’t think I ever really left UKG as I continued to stay in touch with the teams and leadership, eventually realizing that UKG, at its core, valued and cared for people above all else.

–Deepak J.

Share what you love most about your job.

Deepak: The smiles of my team when they do their best and become successful. Giving our teams the opportunity to operate, grow, and empower them is crucial to a successful workplace. I believe UKG is the best learning opportunity I could have gotten to become a stronger individual.

What sets UKG apart from other employers?

Vinita: UKG empowers its staff in the most effective way and helps them grow. All feedback, no matter where it’s coming from, is heard. I have not seen or heard of this kind of culture in any other organization.

What makes you proud to work at UKG?

Vinita: The things that stand out most are UKG’s values (United, Kind, and Growing), and the way employees are treated here. It feels like every U Krewer believes in these values wholeheartedly and I am proud to work for an organization that puts such a strong emphasis on them.

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