The Gender Pay Gap is Real and UKG is Working to Close It for Good

UKG working to close the gender wage gap

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, women have earned more bachelor’s degrees than men since 1982, more master’s degrees than men since 1987, and more doctorate degrees than men since 2006. Yet the gender pay gap persists as a prevalent and major issue around the globe. In the U.S. alone, women receive 82 cents for every dollar their male counterparts make. 

UKG is proudly taking a stance to shed light and move the needle on this pervasive issue. Our Purpose is People — and this means a world where people are valued fairly, regardless of their gender identity, race, ability, or any demographic. As a top employer for women and a leading payroll provider that pays millions of employees across organizations of all sizes and industries, we have a unique ability to innovate our people and work systems to help highlight the issue even further.

18 Cents Towards Greater Change: How UKG’s Products Help

Today, UKG customers can leverage the Pay Equity Dashboard to gain a quick summary of pay gaps that may persist inside their organization based on gender, ethnicity, age, or disability status. The centralized dashboard helps increase visibility of where disparities may exist, allowing HR and leaders to understand whether employees are falling outside of recommended salary ranges. 

Top electrical distributor and current UKG customer, ALCAL Industries, faced challenges with recognizing gaps in pay due to using a manual salary planning process. With the use of the Pay Equity Report within UKG’s solution, they were able to track trends and seamlessly analyze critical data for more fair and equitable compensation planning.

“HR is no longer viewed as an enforcer of compliance and laws, but rather as a trusted advisor regarding meaningful compensation decisions. Pro has made managers more sensitive to, and responsible for, a fair and equitable culture” — HR analyst, ALCAL.

We’re also putting our money where our mouth is. To help close the wage gap, UKG is contributing 18 cents (the current gender wage gap) for every single employee paid each year via a UKG payroll solution toward the fight for pay equity. UKG payroll solutions are used to pay over 15 million employees per year, meaning UKG will make a $3 million investment in the critical programs and initiatives described below that support the fight for pay equity.

The gender pay gap is a pervasive issue that affects the health of our workforce today, as well as for future generations. UKG is encouraging every company to step up, make the commitment, and take actionable steps to close the wage gap. We are also continuing to invest in the right tools and partnerships that will make a difference in the workplace.

Please visit our Pay Equity page for more resources and information on how UKG is taking a stance to bridge the gender pay gap.