Why It’s Time to Rethink Your Employee Value Proposition—and More

Graphic of employees helping each other - employee value proposition

If you had an employee value proposition (EVP) before April 2020, it’s time to dust that bad boy off! The modern EVP (think: compensation, benefits, career growth, workplace culture) is dramatically different than what employers committed themselves to even just 12 months ago, let alone 2020. A turbulent political climate, fluctuating health regulations, changing laws and regulations around the world, unreliable childcare, and economic challenges—and the mental strain caused by all these things combined—have resulted in shifting priorities for people and their families. What was once the “Great Resignation,” and then the “Great Reevaluation,” and now what’s looking like “the Great Regret,” has morphed yet again as the world faces a potential recession (though, if you look at the economic indicators, including those from the UKG Workforce Activity Report as cited in The New York Times, it would be the oddest recession on record!)

We are living in a moment of rapid transformation. “Real time” is the only time that matters when it comes to taking care of your people! It’s all about listening intently and responding with agility and humility to take a human-centric approach to leadership and the employee experience. If you’ve been actively listening these past several months, you likely heard a need to finetune or rewrite your EVP to best inspire and care for your people in ways that make sense today so you can grow into the organization you aspire to be tomorrow.

This means that organizations must be ready to respond proactively—and even instinctually—to the needs of their people, and to do so with deep compassion as well as a curiosity to explore, understand, and address the diverse perspectives of many. That’s because employees with options will always choose organizations they believe in—organizations that offer more than “just a job” and that respect employees for the daily contributions they make.

Accepting that the modern EVP must keep evolving, and at a quicker pace than we have seen before, is critical. Heck, our team is undergoing a new EVP project as we speak!

Want to hear more? I’ll be delving deep into EVPs, covering how artificial intelligence and machine learning can increase organizational agility, and sharing people-centric strategies to attract and retain great talent when I take to the virtual stage for UKG’s third-annual Industry Insights Digital Summit.

Why Watch?

Besides joining me for this compelling and much-needed discussion, the Industry Insights Digital Summit is chock-full of ideas curated just for you. During the half-day virtual event, you’ll explore a broad range of topics presented by UKG customers as well as leading experts from Accenture, Ankura, and UKG, who all understand the uniqueness of your industry. Listen in as they discuss how they’ve created successful people-centric organizations and built the framework for a more agile, data-driven workplace culture. Lastly, you’ll be able to choose from nine sessions spread over two learning tracks to build your own schedule!

What You’ll Get

  • Sessions that are hyper-targeted by industry or tune in to learn about the cross-vertical trends impacting people across the workforce.
  • Detail about what makes the needs, motivations, and preferences of the hourly workforce unique, and with a focus on the role technology plays in developing inclusive practices and creating a better overall frontline experience.
  • Insights that go beyond the headlines analyzing the labor shortage and break down the data to provide actionable insights for organizations struggling in any industry to compete for talent.
  • Latest updates from government affairs experts on the legislative, regulatory, and judicial policies that are impacting employers in your industry.