SHRM on Your Mind? Enhance Your HR Strategy with These 5 Lessons

HR lessons from the SHRM 2022 conference

We’re coming to you fresh from New Orleans and the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) 2022 National Conference. The energy was electric. It was a privilege to sit down, share a meal, have a chat, attend educational sessions, network, challenge ourselves, and most importantly GROW as people leaders of our organizations. Industries and organizations of all shapes and sizes showed up with more than 15,000+ in attendance.

The weather was nothing shy of balmy—it felt like 3,000 percent humidity in New Orleans this week. But that did not stop any of our fellow HR people from being up and at it to hear about what they can do to improve their organization. We chatted with hundreds of people at the conference, so we wanted to share some of our key takeaways.

1. HR is More Important Than Ever

With every conversation, we witnessed HR professionals developing a true strategy for their people. While we found that a strategy and goals were being set, we discovered that the fine tuning and the in-between steps—the key steps—didn’t exist. Keep in mind, a true strategy needs tactical execution. So, start small and make little adjustments with the people at the forefront of your mind. Continue to reflect and ask how your actions will impact your people and the work being done.

2. EVERYONE is Hiring

With labor participation on a slow uptick, every session we asked, “Are you hiring?” With a subtle laugh and quick raise of hands, we found that people still need talent. In our session, “4 Pillars of Workplace Agility,” we discussed how recruitment strategy has to change from the age-old “post a description and hope for applicants” approach. The critical piece to this is to market your organization with a culture and programs that support your employees.

3. Mental Health Programs/Advocacy

With the destigmatization of mental health sweeping the globe, organizations are recognizing they must provide more than an EAP. Yes, the EAP is a good resource but we’re finding more and more individuals asking about what the organization can do on-site or virtually. This is a great opportunity to look at accelerator labs to help employees home in on resources that support their mind.

4. The Days of Overworking are Slowly Coming to an End

People are sick of the over-glamorized look and feel of working too much. Throughout COVID, the mindset was about maintaining the business while responsibilities grew exponentially. Now, with the labor participation shortage and attrition of people leaving their jobs, HR leaders are doing their best to take a step back and control what they can. They’re empowering employees to do the same.

5. The Business of People is in Full Effect

As Julie says, “The decisions you make today, are impacting the choices of employees tomorrow.” The criticality of the work by HR leaders will require support from executive leadership, access to quality data, and good HCM technology to provide personalized experiences. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we left feeling encouraged and empowered to continue this journey with you.

For those of you who didn’t attend the national conference, we highly recommend you join us in Las Vegas in 2023. If that isn’t feasible, make sure to get involved with your local chapter and attend your state’s conference.

If you’re looking for more SHRM insights, check out this bonus episode we recorded live from the conference. And if you’d like to understand all that goes into building people-centric cultures that meet the modern workforce’s expectations, check out our Competing in an Era of Choice eBook and start prioritizing the right moments across your employee life cycle.

More to come from us soon. From your fellow People Purpose Podcast hosts, this is Chas and Julie wishing you a bright and blessed future. Cheers.