The Power of Partnership:
Giving Voice to Customers and Unlocking Opportunities

UKG Customers

The world of technology is in constant evolution. From advancements in AI to finding ways to humanize the employee experience, a lot can change seemingly overnight, and it can be challenging for organizations to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape. That’s why it’s crucial for tech companies to create customer-centric experiences, where people feel they’re more than just a number and they’re treated as humans first who aren’t left alone in navigating the swirl of information and change. 

At UKG, we strongly believe in the power of partnership, and forming close bonds with our customers is a business imperative. We’re better together, and this relationship-driven model helps us inspire innovation and adoption of new technology, as well as champion the best in people. After all, our purpose is people, which means we’re committed to delivering outcomes that aren’t just good for business, but good for everyone. 

It’s crucial for tech companies to create customer-centric experiences, where people feel they’re more than just a number and they’re treated as humans first.

Here are three simple but powerful ways UKG puts customers first to ensure their individual and collective successes, in support of our Partner for Life promise. 

3 Ways UKG Puts Customers and Their People First    

1. UKG provides customers with opportunities to learn, network, and grow. 

In my own career, I crave opportunities to learn from experts and network with others, and to push the boundaries of what is possible by exploring innovative ways to make my workplace an environment where all people thrive. Recognizing this fundamental desire to connect with others, UKG creates year-round opportunities for customers across the globe to come together—virtually or in person, as a community—to trade ideas and best practices, and to deliver feedback on UKG products as well as technological advancements in the human capital management (HCM) space. Take, for example:

  • UKG Huddle, an annual, virtual event that provides tips and tricks to UKG users, product roadmap updates, and product adoption content; 
  • UKG Industry Insights Digital Summit, an annual half-day, virtual summit that delivers industry-specific thought leadership content, and guides organizations on how they can leverage technology and workforce trends to champion great workplaces;
  • UKG Aspire, our annual customer conference held in Las Vegas, where thousands of customers, partners, and UKG employees from all over the world come together to collaborate, network, and maximize their UKG knowledge through product and thought leadership sessions and networking opportunities;
  • Regional events, hosted by UKG, that bring customers together, in person, to test new product features and enhancements and deliver honest feedback on UKG technology, support, and services, to ensure we’re always innovating with their needs and best interests in mind. In just the past few months, UKG has held several regional events, including hosting a group of UKG Ready customers at our Lowell, Massachusetts, headquarters, where they had a chance to engage with UKG executives including CEO Chris Todd. Dozens of other customers had opportunities to network with one another and their UKG sales and executive relationship management (ERM) teams during a customer meetup in Scottsdale, Arizona. A separate group attended a Miami HEAT NBA basketball game with UKG ERMs and partners (shown below)—an opportunity that allowed them to connect in a fun and exciting setting.
UKG Partnership Miami HEAT

 2. UKG fosters collaboration and a sense of community. 

Just as important as creating opportunities for customers to come together is empowering them to establish and grow their own networks. Over the years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of customers inspired to create their own regional user groups to remain connected. Leveraging relationships formed through the UKG Communityan online collaboration space—or through in-person UKG experiences, customers are coming together on a regular basis—whether that’s on the East Coast, the West Coast, or in the Midwest—to share ideas and insights, best practices, collaborate, and help their peers reach new heights with help from their UKG technology.  Oftentimes, UKG executives (me included!) attend these user group meetings and immerse themselves in conversation to experience firsthand what our customers are thinking and feeling, and to learn what they need to be successful. Customers frequently rave about these experiences as well as the sense of community and belonging that comes with attending these energizing regional meetups.

3. UKG listens—and delivers confidence. 

Whether customers attend any of these in-person or virtual events, their voices are always heard. The UKG Community, for example, is an expansive online environment where customers can access tools and resources; interact with fellow users as well as UKG employees, experts, and partners; build their professional networks; join specialized user groups and forum discussions; and offer enhancement ideas that are oftentimes included in future product releases. Customer advisory boards allow users to provide direct input on UKG technology and product roadmaps. We regularly survey customers to solicit feedback on their UKG journey. Also, our sales, support, ERM, and success teams are constantly interacting with customers to ensure they’re optimizing their UKG solutions and experiences.

By providing opportunities for customers to network with their peers and UKG experts, they’re more confident in their ability to deliver exceptional experiences to their employees, achieve business outcomes, and drive future success. As a committed partner, UKG will continue to provide experiences to enhance our customers’ understanding of technology in support of their people and dedication to creating great workplaces where everyone thrives.