Building a Better Employee Experience through Workforce Transformation

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As the Great Resignation endures, millions of people continue to voluntarily leave their jobs. For employees who have stayed, and for those looking to return, choices about where, when, and how to work are top of mind.

It’s a concept that’s also top of mind for many employers. Across industries, organizations that have transformed their businesses to accommodate worker preferences are faring better when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent, even as disruption from the pandemic continues.

The role of workforce transformation

UKG’s President Chris Todd and Accenture’s David Shaw discuss workforce transformation.

In a recent conversation, UKG President Chris Todd and Accenture Senior Managing Director Dave Shaw talked about the role workforce transformation plays in building top-notch employee experiences, and how an employee-first mindset has become an imperative, especially at large, enterprise organizations.

“Organizations are going to become organizations of choice by making their employees empowered and giving them the tools they need in order to feel empowered,” Chris said during the discussion.

Namely, a workforce management solution that offers the tools, methods, and strategic and analytical insights to address business objectives, while accommodating and empowering workers, is a key component of both the employee experience and digital transformation – two areas that UKG and Accenture partner on to help customers evaluate, define, and adopt an optimal strategy for a more resilient, agile, and engaged workforce.

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Insights that empower

Through UKG’s partnership with Accenture, we combine our market-leading software, UKG DimensionsTM, with Accenture’s depth and breadth of talent management capabilities to propel the large-scale transformation of workforce management.

As a cloud-native, mobile-first, and AI-powered solution, UKG Dimensions, is central to many organizations’ digital transformation efforts, and it ensures the needs of the business are met while putting people first in the everyday moments that matter. Things like building schedules, punching in and out, and requesting time off – while giving employers the insights they need to optimize their workforce.

Features such as real-time visibility to forecast and re-align staff with ongoing shifts in demand, as well as to meet health and safety requirements fuel flexibility. In addition, Dimensions allows organizations to combine data across systems, while leveraging advanced and predictive analytics. 

Enabling transformation

By leveraging the combined strengths of our workforce strategy services, analytics, AI, and machine learning offerings, UKG and Accenture are providing companies the visibility they need to achieve and sustain workforce operational excellence and ongoing financial performance gains, while prioritizing their people. 

“…The efficiency story that we’ve both been talking about for decades is still there, but it now needs to be delivered with a different lens around being a great place to work for all,” Chris said.

For more information on how UKG and Accenture are working together to drive workforce transformation, visit the Accenture Marketplace page.