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15 of the Top Companies for Women Working in Tech

CNBC |’s 2021 Top Companies for Women Technologists report measures data from 56 tech companies and more than 552,000 technologists between January and December 2020. Organizations are scored based on career level representation of women, as well as hiring, retention and promotion of women.
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When is Engaging External DEI Partners Effective, and When Isn't It?

Protocol | DEI conversations are most effective when you speak the language of the business and meet leadership where they are. Internal DEI officers can authentically frame the business case for DEI efforts like greater innovation, retention or product development. It's easier to dismiss an outside DEI partner who's telling you something you don't want to hear. An internal officer can develop that trust with leadership and with employees.
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Aron Ain's Guiding Philosophy in Business Leadership: Families Matter

International Business Times | A CEO who believes his employees should put their families before work?! Ultimate Kronos Group CEO Aron Ain not only stayed true to this core value during a year marked by COVID-related business downturns and large-scale layoffs, but doubled down and increased the company’s employee benefits.
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"Reasonably Good" September Jobs Starts Fed Taper. Is Another Dud Coming?

Reuters | A report this week from payroll management firm UKG showed shift work across a variety of industries, measured during the week when a federal jobs survey is conducted, "was effectively flat month over month" from August to September, said UKG vice president Dave Gilbertson.
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UKG CEO Lights the Way to an A+ Workplace for Employees

Fortune | Great Place to Work CEO Michael C. Bush and Aron Ain, CEO of UKG, join Fortune cohosts Ellen McGirt and Alan Murray on Leadership Next, a podcast about the changing rules of business leadership, to discuss tech solutions for human resources, diversity, and what it takes for a company to really provide a great workplace.
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What Amazon’s $18 Average Hourly Wage Means for Other Employers

Quartz | Amazon is almost becoming like the negotiator for all hourly wage workers to a certain extent,” says Cecile Alper-Leroux, the vice president at UKG, a global HR and workforce management company that works with employers in retail, logistics, and healthcare. “They’re setting the bar.”
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