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UKG Workforce Activity Report: August Shift Work Acceleration Withers Amid Surge of Summer Vacations, Delta Variant

LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla. | The UKG Workforce Activity Report for August 2021 shows workplace activity as measured by high-frequency employee shift work data declined by 2.4% — a larger decline than experienced in August 2020 (-0.3%) and August 2019 (0.0%).
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A Major Tech Gap Could Impede the Hybrid Work Transition

Forbes | When many workplaces were forced to go virtual in early 2020, the tools and technology they needed already existed. The main challenge was adopting them quickly and updating longstanding processes. For a workplace where some employees are together in the same office and some aren’t, there’s a significant gap in communication, productivity and engagement tools.
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An Early End to Federal Unemployment Pay is not Getting People to Work

CNBC | UKG, a payroll and time-management firm, found that shifts among hourly workers in those states grew at about half the rate as states that continued the benefit — the opposite trend of what one might expect. Specifically, in states that ended benefits, shifts grew 2.2% from May through July; they grew 4.1% in the others that kept federal aid intact, according to UKG’s analysis.
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UKG Workforce Activity Report: Businesses Add Employee Shifts Again in July, Delta Variant Threatens Growth

LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla. | UKG data reveals the expiration of pandemic-related unemployment benefits in many states did not accelerate a return to work. States were just as likely to grow workforce activity if they continued benefits as if they didn’t.
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U.S. Hiring May Have Slowed in July Amid COVID Surge - Data

Reuters | Payroll firm UKG said growth in employees across a wide set of industries grew 1.1% from mid-June to mid-July, coinciding with the period when the federal government employment survey is conducted. That was about half the 2% rate of growth seen between May and June, ahead of a blockbuster June national jobs report showing 850,000 additional positions added to payrolls.
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A 'Turnover Tsunami' Won’t Hit Every Company

Forbes | According to recent research from The Workforce Institute at UKG, more than a third (34%) of employees would rather switch teams or quit their jobs than try to voice their concerns with their boss. Employees count on their managers to not only listen to their feedback but to embrace it, advocate for it and meaningfully act upon it.
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