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15 Tech Leaders Share The Biggest Innovation Barriers They’ve Overcome

Forbes | There is a major innovation gap between the user experience of B2B tech and the recent advances made by consumer tech. Enterprise software is often complex and outdated. Tech leaders must innovate B2B software with the same user-based approach as B2C. The focus should be on integrating software into people’s daily lives and creating a seamless, intuitive experience.
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U.S. Coronavirus Wildfire Hitting Jobs as Broad Recovery Trudges On

Reuters | Employment at a sample of mostly small businesses from time management firm Homebase declined for a fourth week, and shifts worked across different industries fell, according to time management firm UKG here.
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UKG Releases Report on Digital Accessibility in the Workplace

LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla. | UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) announced today “The State of Workplace Disability Inclusion & Digital Accessibility,” a report on how an increase in remote work caused by COVID-19 has affected companies’ efforts to improve digital accessibility for employees with disabilities.
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HR Tech Can Help Solve The Next Major Workplace Challenge: Connectedness

Forbes | Many workplaces are starting to realize the consequences of a quick (but necessary) transition to remote or hybrid working environments in the wake of Covid-19. The initial challenge of getting employees up and running from home has been solved, but now an even bigger problem looms: how to keep them connected and engaged.
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UKG Workforce Activity Report: Shift Work Growth Slows in October Amid Uncertain Future

LOWELL, Mass. and WESTON, Fla. | According to the October 2020 Workforce Activity Report from UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), monthly shift1growth slowed from 3.3% in both August and September to only 0.8% for the month of October.
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