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UKG Workforce Activity Report: November Jobs Growth May Exceed Expectations Based on Accelerating Shift Work Growth

LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla. | The UKG Workforce Activity Report for November 2021 shows the total number of shifts worked1 by people at U.S. businesses increased 1.4% in the month. This acceleration makes November the third strongest month for shift growth in 2021,
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What Are You Thankful For?

SHRM | "These last two years have been relentless for HR professionals, who have continuously adapted to ever-changing situations all in the name of caring for their people," said Dave Almeda, chief people officer at HR tech company UKG, based in Boston. During the pandemic, the company successfully merged two 6,000-person global communities without layoffs, welcomed more than 2,000 new employees and increased its benefits spend by $35 million, he said.
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Technology Can Assist When Accommodating Employees with Disabilities

SHRM | Cecile Alper-Leroux, vice president of human capital innovation at UKG, an HR technology company in Weston, Fla., said: "Remote work has already been boosting disability inclusion and accessibility efforts in the workplace, and the sudden shift to remote work appears to have forced many managers and business leaders to step back and rethink long-standing rules and assumptions about the workplace."
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The Employee Survey: Major Mistakes Organizations Still Make

Forbes | New technology has made the employee survey process “smarter” than ever. Natural language processing and sentiment analysis tools enable organizations to glean accurate, continuous feedback from their teams. So why do many organizations continue to under-deliver on the outcome? The reality is that effective technology won’t lead to effective results unless organizations take meaningful action based on these survey insights.
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Why ‘Gray-Collar’ Workers May Just Be the Answer to Your Post-Pandemic Hiring Woes

Fast Compnay | The combined forces of the pandemic, the Great Resignation, and widespread hiring challenges have forced a long-overdue reset in how we talk about the workforce. Employees have become important stakeholders as organizations struggle to fill staffing shortages, retain burned out employees, and cater to new expectations around remote work.
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Amazon and Starbucks are Giving Low-Wage Workers More Job Flexibility

Quartz | The systems have gotten more sophisticated by integrating with software like Slack and Facebook Messenger to make communication more seamless, says Jayson Saba, a senior director of product management at UKG, a global HR and workforce management company. The pandemic forced wider adoption.
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