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The Workforce Institute is a think tank that curates ideas, strategies, and best practices on how to create great workplace experiences in a way that positively impacts lives, communities, and business outcomes.

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The Case for Giving Hourly Workers Greater Scheduling Flexibility

Fast Company | Flexibility has become essential for employees as workplace expectations continue to shift due to ongoing pandemic uncertainty and increasing choice driven by the Great Resignation. Organizations that employ office and white-collar workers have adopted more flexible practices for where, when, and how employees work. Industries that rely on shift-based employees and “gray-collar” workers, who exist at the intersection of tech and service roles, have been slow to evolve. But that is changing.
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Qualtrics Wants to Boost Employee Experience by Unifying Data

Reworked | More recently, HR software firm UKG unveiled its approach to what it called "life-work technology" as its product strategy going forward.
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What it Takes to be Considered a Great Employer during the Great Resignation

Fortune | By the way, it turns out many of the people who participated in the Great Resignation are now having second thoughts. Michael Bush, who runs Great Place to Work—Fortune’s partner in the ranking—cited a new survey from his parent company, UKG, showing more than 40% of the people who left jobs now say they were better off in their old jobs. The grass on the other side, it seems, is not always greener.
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Diversify Corporate Tech Leadership

Protocol | A new survey of 4,000 people across six countries, from UKG in partnership with Morning Consult, found that a surprising number of people are boomeranging back to the jobs they quit.
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Career Boomerangs are Rising, New Survey Shows — Here’s How to Know if You Should Go Back to an Old Job

The Org | A worker set on heading back to their old office should make the first move by contacting their former manager, said Chris Mullen, the executive director of UKG’s Workforce Institute. “Reach out on email, phone, text, LinkedIn or however you are comfortable with a simple request to catch up. You shouldn’t go in asking to ‘get your old job back,’ because that could be a turn-off for your former manager who had to move on,” Mullen told The Org.
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NASCIO Releases First Study on Diversity in State IT

Government Technology | The report underlined other private-sector strategies, including UKG Chief Belonging, Diversity and Equity Officer Brian Reaves’ advice on the importance of using KPIs that account not only for demographic data, but also for subjective experiences, like acceptance, to better analyze both quantitative and qualitative impact.
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