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How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted frontline and hourly workers — and what can businesses do about it? At UKG, we are using our market leadership to analyze high-frequency data, including employee shift work, in a monthly Workforce Activity Report to better understand the rapidly evolving employment outlook. With a labor index of 3.8 million employees across 35,000 U.S. businesses, we aim to help business leaders, public health policy makers, labor economists, and other groups make better informed decisions to tackle unemployment, bolster the job market recovery, and ultimately get more employees back to work sooner.

Gain Insight into the Health of
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Workforce Activity Report | April 2022

With Easter and Passover falling during the April mid-month week, declines can be almost entirely attributed to these observances and do not indicate broader job loss. One exception is the retail and hospitality industry, which saw slightly worse declines than last year, with weakness continuing through the end of April. Although the effects of factors such as inflation, oil prices, or the war in Ukraine have been muted to date, UKG saw weakness in workforce activity over the second half of the month. This indicates a risk of a slight miss in job creation relative to consensus estimates and presents little likelihood of an upside surprise.

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