UKG Propels Great Workplaces Forward with Generative AI

Generative AI suite innovations create conversational experiences for all
September 27, 2023, LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla.

UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people, will propel great workplaces forward with the introduction of generative AI-powered conversational experiences for the UKG Pro and UKG Ready HCM suites.

With an ambitious strategy to maximize the impact of generative AI for employees, people managers, and leaders, UKG is using its first wave of generative AI enhancements to deliver an even better user experience. Conversational experiences will empower people with the ability to skip point-and-click software navigation in favor of open-ended questions and text- and voice-based requests, which are then answered based on user intent, creating a highly intuitive and personalized experience.

“By applying generative AI across our entire suite experience, we’re reshaping how people will access information, analyze insights, and complete important processes at work,” said Hugo Sarrazin, chief product and technology officer at UKG. “We’ve used AI in our solutions since 2015 and remain committed to the responsible and ethical utilization of AI in service of people to help businesses become great places to work.”

With conversational experiences, UKG is also replacing the need to manually search company handbooks, policies, intranet articles, and other lengthy and dispersed documentation that then require interpretation based on individual scenarios. Instead, UKG will allow a person to ask a question and receive a personalized response in real-time that is applicable to their position, unique situation, or need.

Similarly, employees can ask how decisions, like training on a new skill or earning a specific certification, could potentially influence future outcomes, like a raise or promotion. Personalized guidance can help everyone better understand and maximize benefits and navigate complex processes, like FMLA.

By applying a conversational approach to behavioral insights and operational data, managers will be able to use a couple of sentences to generate detailed dashboards, text summaries, and suggested recommendations to become even more proactive in optimizing business performance and employee experiences.

“Customers are turning to their technology partners who have a rich history in natural language processing and sentiment analysis, making conversational experiences a differentiated area of focus,” said R “Ray” Wang, CEO, at Constellation Research, Inc. “The advent of generative AI, coupled with a technology partner's deep domain expertise in AI across sentiment, data analysis and benchmarking, document classification, and proactive guidance, is poised to modernize how people interact with their HCM suite.”

UKG will showcase its generative AI enhancements at UKG Aspire 2023, taking place November 6-9 at Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas.

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