UKG Drives HR Transformation, ROI for Healthcare Technology Company

June 28, 2021, LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla.

UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), a leading global provider of HCM, payroll, HR service delivery, and workforce management solutions, announced today that 2nd.MD, a provider of convenient virtual access to top national clinicians, is using UKG Pro to increase HR agility, empower its people, and achieve a substantial ROI.

2nd.MD’s proprietary healthcare technology platform reduces healthcare costs and improves clinical outcomes by enabling members to virtually connect with experts related to a new diagnosis, upcoming surgery, or questions about a chronic condition or pain. Prior to Pro, 2nd.MD used a professional employer organization (PEO) for HR administration. The cost of services through the PEO was more than $100 per employee, per payroll. In addition, HR processes at 2nd.MD were manual, paper-based, and often required tracking down executives for physical signatures. Likewise, the recruiting process at the company combined expensive staffing agencies and manager sourcing of candidates. 2nd.MD sought a cost-effective solution that could automate processes and support its people in a meaningful way. The company chose UKG, immediately reducing the cost per employee, per payroll, by 70%, and developing new opportunities for automation.

“We are finding great success with UKG Pro People Assist to centrally manage and automate tasks that were manual or span multiple HR systems and stakeholders,” said Stephanie Williams, payroll and benefits administrator at 2nd.MD. “We’re currently using People Assist heavily for 401(k) updates and even for leave absence management. An employee’s request and activity go directly to that employee’s file, so there’s no email to HR that’s going to get lost or a Slack message that could be forgotten. We also can keep track of manager activity, with documents related to new hires or terminations sent with the click of a button.”

In 2020, 2nd.MD experienced an increase in hiring demand of 64%, yet achieved a decrease in time-to-identify hired candidates by 52%, and a decrease in time-to-hire by 28%.

“The time savings from People Assist was incredible, and we’re under industry average in most everything we can measure,” said Sarah Truchard, talent acquisition manager at 2nd.MD. “In fact, we saved on hiring one budgeted FTE (full-time equivalent) because we were pleasantly surprised by how we were able to scale up our company hiring without adding administrative headcount.”

Williams also noted that People Assist is helpful for employee-relations issues. When an HR business partner undertakes an investigation, all comments on the case are documented in the system, and disciplinary documents can be signed by the employee and added to their file. As a result, unemployment claims can be easily verified.

While People Assist helps HR boost service and performance, it also serves to improve the employee experience.

Our employees love the ability to ask for HR help in a user-friendly way, accessible on any device,” said Williams. “We are empowering our employees to find answers to their questions through our personalized knowledgebase, so they can feel valued and heard while resolving their own questions. Employees can also initiate more complex requests and have the request automatically routed to the right person for resolution.”

According to Williams, the HR team at 2nd.MD was able to set up People Assist on its own, and become power users of the solution after taking the free classes available through the UKG customer success portal. In addition, HR was able to integrate People Assist into its recruiting process, creating an automated and efficient experience for candidates and the company.

“By linking our UKG Pro Recruiting and People Assist solutions, we moved from an entirely email-dependent process to one that is fully electronic,” said Truchard. “People Assist drives specific efficiencies during the hiring process, with requisition requests, offer requests, and other documentation related to new hires all available to managers in the HR Help section. Managers start a request and the hiring tasks are routed electronically to the appropriate parties.”

“As 2nd.MD’s stunning ROI shows, companies that make people their purpose through HR technology drive better business outcomes,” said Chris Phenicie, chief sales officer, mid-market and strategic, at UKG. “We are also pleased to see how 2nd.MD is leveraging our product suite to make HR’s interaction with its business partners more strategic and to optimize service delivery.”

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