Meet UKG Bryte: The AI Guide for Great Workplaces

Sidekick powered with generative AI and trained on the world’s largest collection of people, workforce, and culture data takes center stage at UKG Aspire
November 7, 2023, LAS VEGAS, UKG Aspire

Introducing UKG Bryte, an AI-powered assistant for great workplaces that uses generative AI (GenAI) to help guide employees, people managers, and HR leaders by shining a light on important insights that support great workplace experiences. UKG customers received an exclusive first look at the proactive, personalized, and intuitive experience provided by UKG Bryte this week at the UKG Aspire customer conference in Las Vegas.

A leader in AI in HCM and workforce management since 2015, UKG has deployed more than 2,500 AI models in production to support better outcomes for both people and businesses. In addition to being trained on the world’s largest collection of people, workforce, and culture data — including 30 years of proprietary research and best practices from Great Place To Work® available only to UKG — UKG Bryte incorporates data about an organization’s demographics, engagement, and productivity.

This potent combination surfaces critical trends and timely recommendations that help businesses continue their journey to becoming a great place to work. UKG Bryte will:

  • Guide HR leaders and people managers as they enhance their effectiveness as a Great Place To Work “For All Leader;” 
  • Provide quick, practical advice in key HR areas based on underlying, hard-to-spot trends, creating a new pathway for organizations to continually improve;
  • Proactively identify opportunities for frontline employees to learn new skills that help them grow in their role and career, increasing their impact at work and overall earning potential; and
  • Help employees and managers more effectively pursue specific performance goals throughout the year with GenAI-powered summarizations of peer and self-feedback.

“UKG Bryte illuminates insights that people may not be thinking about in the moment yet have the potential to make a big impact on the future,” said Hugo Sarrazin, chief product and technology officer at UKG. “The future is Bryte for UKG and will be even brighter for organizations around the world with the introduction of our powerful tool, designed entirely in service of people, to spotlight more opportunities to provide a great place to work for all people.”

Earlier this year, UKG shared practical examples of using GenAI to empower employees, support people managers, and unburden HR professionals. For example, a conversational assistant will eliminate the need for people to search handbooks, intranet sites, and other resources for information housed in disparate locations, instead returning contextualized answers specific to an employee. A job genius will give hiring managers a running start to write job descriptions and interview questions. GenAI, woven throughout the UKG Great Place To Work Hub, will proactively surface and nudge leaders toward specific actions, behaviors, and best practices.

“With the commoditization of AI, businesses must seek out technology vendors with in-house AI and machine-learning domain expertise and who are building truly unique and differentiated experiences based on proprietary data,” said Jason Averbook, senior partner and global leader of digital HR strategy at Mercer. “With 30 years of Great Place To Work benchmarking, research, and best practices — along with an extensive track record of leveraging AI to enhance work experiences and business outcomes — UKG continues to demonstrate why it’s a leader in HCM.”

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