Tuesday, March 3, 2020, LOWELL, Mass.

KM2 Solutions Selects Kronos Human Capital Management as Competitive Differentiator for Top Talent and Business Growth

Kronos Incorporated today announced that KM2 Solutions, a leading U.S.-based, nearshore business process outsourcing (BPO) company with locations throughout the Caribbean and Central America, has selected Kronos Workforce Ready as a critical part of its human capital management (HCM) strategy to transform its people operations.

News Facts

  • KM2 Solutions is a 24/7 business which requires a modern, flexible, and scalable solution to keep up with its rapid growth, meet workplace expectations of its nearly 4,000 agents, and usher in the future of work. Workforce Ready will streamline human resources (HR) and payroll operations through a unified cloud suite to serve the needs of the organization’s hourly and salaried workforce across the entire employee lifecycle, from pre-hire to retire.
    • Talent acquisition from Kronos will simplify the recruitment and onboarding process and accelerate time-to-hire for KM2, as it actively seeks high-performing service agents to meet customer demand. The intuitive applicant portal, which reinforces employer branding across the entire hiring process, allows job seekers to apply from any location on any device in just minutes. It also eliminates unnecessary paperwork for managers and enables them to accurately capture applicant information in the solution while quickly moving top candidates through the system so they can create a personal connection with the applicant and once hired, focus on integrating them into the organization’s culture.
    • Focusing on the moments that matter for KM2 agents, Workforce Ready’s fully responsive mobile device offers self-service tools that will simplify scheduling, time-off requests, and benefits while providing accurate and robust reporting to managers.
    • The unified HCM suite will connect all agents to one central system for easy access to information and empower employees to communicate with managers, and vice versa.
  • The Kronos HCM experience will empower KM2 employees throughout its near-shore locations to accomplish daily tasks and receive at-a-glance updates about schedules, benefits, and performance from anywhere, on any device. For managers, HR processes will be simplified through responsive dashboards and the elimination of manual tasks, such as managing overtime and billable hours, freeing them up to focus on strategy and employee development initiatives.
  • KM2 will benefit from the expertise of Kronos customer success and strategic advisory teams throughout its initiative to modernize operations and further engage managers and agents to continue to deliver the highest caliber of cost-effective, bilingual solutions for its customers.

Supporting Quotes

  • Rodd Furlough, chief operating officer, KM2 Solutions
    “As we continue to expand and enhance our employee experience, technology is key to our digital transformation. With quality service at the core of our business, we know that partnering with Kronos as a leader in HCM will help us achieve our vision as the solution grows with us for years to come. Removing the hurdles and complexities that naturally arise in HR processes – particularly in hiring and onboarding – and automating legacy tasks that once bogged down managers and teams will allow for better focus and productivity to achieve our highest goal: serving our customers.”
  • John Kelly, director, services and distribution practice group, Kronos
    “Transforming an HCM strategy is no small feat. For KM2 Solutions, it means not only improving the employee experience, regardless of where employees work, but also providing a differentiated customer experience and future-proofing to match its rapid growth. With a fully unified cloud solution from Kronos, KM2 will unburden people managers from labor-intensive tasks, freeing them to focus on their team of agents to ensure they are engaged, empowered, and productive.”

Supporting Resources

About KM2 Solutions

KM2 Solutions operates contact centers throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, including Barbados, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Honduras, and Saint Lucia. KM2 offers services to companies within the retail, healthcare, technology, finance, telecommunication, hospitality, and utility sectors. The company provides clients with a host of different solutions including customer service, receivables management, technical support, sales and marketing, data analytics, and back office processing. KM2 also maintains regulatory compliance with many different industry standards including HIPAA, FDCPA, PCI DSS, SOC 2, TCPA, and FCRA.

About Kronos Incorporated

Kronos is a leading provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions. Kronos industry-centric workforce applications are purpose-built for businesses, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and government agencies of all sizes. Tens of thousands of organizations — including half of the Fortune 1000® — and more than 40 million people in over 100 countries use Kronos every day. Visit www.kronos.com. Kronos: Workforce Innovation That Works.