Financial Services Provider Manages HR, Payroll for 170,000 People with UKG Technology

August 30, 2023, LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla.

UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people, today announced that InfoSync, a provider of outsourced accounting, payroll, and reporting to some of the world’s biggest restaurant brands, is leveraging the power of UKG Pro to handle the payroll and HR management for 170,000 people. 

A UKG customer since 2012, InfoSync serves 90 brands in more than 10,000 locations across the U.S.  The organization provides clients with the people, processes, and technology for their administrative needs, and credits Pro with helping navigate the complexities of managing HR and payroll for large clients with geographically dispersed locations and workforces.

“I am very confident that UKG Pro can handle more than 170,000 people, and my vision is for every one of our clients to leverage the full power of UKG technology,” said Joanne Messinger, senior vice president of human resources outsourcing at InfoSync. “The flexibility of Pro allows us to easily align primary companies and component companies, and we can set up as many legal business entities as we need. We also process more than five million paychecks a year, and we have not once missed a single payroll with Pro. As we continue to build out our strategy over the next few years, UKG is a critical part of our plans as the technology just makes everyone’s lives easier.”

One of the biggest benefits to clients is the ability to access HR and payroll-related information from a centralized location, including within the UKG mobile app

“Pro is very easy to use and has helped our clients streamline their processes,” said Messinger. “They can easily move from one area of the solution to the next, and the best part is all their HR needs are delivered through one platform. It’s the same for employees. Pro is simple to access, and mobile access has helped tremendously, especially as more of our people transition to remote work and want the ability to instantly access information from anywhere.”

InfoSync’s confidence in UKG has led to adoption of additional technology, including benefits, recruiting, onboarding, and performance management as well as learning management, which clients continue to roll out. The organization also credits its robust partnership with UKG for a decade of business success.  

“We have an open and honest relationship. UKG takes our feedback seriously, uses that information to improve its suite offerings, and identifies areas of opportunity for us,” said Messinger. “We were able to use our initial relationships to build a network with experts across the company. UKG is about relationships and about people, and that’s of the greatest importance to us too. It also offers a great support model, and that service means the world to us.”

“Creating purposeful and long-lasting partnerships with our customers is core to who we are at UKG,” said Jane Graham, group vice president of relationship management at UKG. “The foundation of any successful relationship is trust, transparency, and confidence in the future you are building together. By making ambitious investments in our technology and the experience we provide, our customers can focus on what matters most: creating and cultivating workplace environments where everyone thrives.”

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