Eclipse Advantage to Deliver a Connected and Empowering Workforce Experience with UKG Dimensions

April 15, 2021, LOWELL, Mass. and WESTON, Fla.

UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), a leading global provider of HCM, payroll, HR service delivery, and workforce management solutions, announced today that Eclipse Advantage, a leader in workforce solutions serving the supply chain and light industrial markets in the U.S. and Canada, is migrating to UKG Dimensions (formerly Workforce Dimensions from Kronos) to deliver a connected, meaningful, and empowering experience for all employees.

Eclipse Advantage offers customized staffing solutions for industries that keep the economy running—from warehousing and distribution to retail, grocery, and food manufacturing. A UKG Workforce Central customer since 2013, the organization achieved significant time and cost savings, including hundreds of thousands of dollars per year—and hundreds of hours per week—with the solution’s automated payroll processing. Showing a continued commitment to investing in its people, Eclipse will leverage the cloud-native, AI-powered UKG Dimensions workforce management suite to better support its flexible, people-centric business model via the platform’s advanced scheduling capabilities and anywhere-access to data-driven labor insights.

“We’re dedicated to empowering our people and providing them with the best tools to do their jobs, no matter where they are located,” said Tim Neal, vice president of operations at Eclipse Advantage. “We have a network of thousands of skilled workers—what we call ‘Industrial Athletes’—constantly on the move from building to building and client site to client site, so we are spread out as an organization. UKG Dimensions will allow us to pull time and labor data from wherever our people are working, in real time, giving us greater visibility into our daily operations and allowing us to be nimble.”

A key driver for migrating to UKG Dimensions is the ability to see open shifts across the organization, schedule employees based on their skillsets, and create best-fit schedules for Eclipse’s diverse workforce—across multiple client sites—as well as transfer job and pay codes when workers move from one location or department to another. Additionally, geofencing capabilities will automatically clock Industrial Athletes in and out of shifts via their mobile device once they arrive on-site, easing the burden on managers who currently record those job transfers manually.

“It’s very important for us to have a system that can react quickly,” said Philip Mette, chief information officer at Eclipse Advantage. “Oftentimes, our Industrial Athletes get paid different rates for the different jobs they perform, even in a single day or on a single work site. To be able to seamlessly make those transfers and analyze that data quickly in UKG Dimensions will be critical as we look to report that information back to our clients. The ability to provide clients with detailed reports in a variety of ways, including data visualizations, will be a differentiator for us as an organization.”

Another driving force behind Eclipse’s migration is moving from an on-premise solution to the cloud which will ensure the platform is always up to date and lessens the burden on Eclipse’s network and support team—as well as access to API integrations and robust reporting capabilities, embedded analytics, and AI-driven insights powered by UKG Dimensions.

“That’s going to be a big deal for us,” added Mette. “The reports are much cleaner and the different ways to visualize the data in real time via configurable charts and graphs will be a game-changer for our managers, especially our remote managers, by allowing them to become more strategic in their roles. For example, it will give them the ability to drill into employee overtime from their mobile device, rather than have to export that information to an Excel file and analyze the data while tethered to their desktop. UKG has been an incredible partner for nearly a decade and UKG Dimensions will empower our people to consume information in a more impactful way.”

“With UKG Dimensions, Eclipse Advantage is demonstrating its deep commitment to its people by equipping them with intelligent technology to help them work smarter, which is crucial as today’s world of work continues to change,” said Chris Todd, president at UKG. “We care deeply about our customers’ long-term success and as their needs continue to evolve, we will be here to support Eclipse as it embarks on this next phase of digital transformation with the innovative solutions and award-winning customer experience UKG is known for.”

“UKG’s global workforce management suite is designed to help meet our customers’ complex industry needs,” added John Kelly, director of the services and distribution practice group at UKG. “As experts in every one of the rapidly evolving industries that Eclipse Advantage and its thousands of Industrial Athletes serve—from staffing and distribution to manufacturing and retail—we understand that workforce productivity is a crucial metric. UKG is helping Eclipse Advantage find synergies and create best practices, automate daily tasks, reimagine employee self-service, and standardize people processes across diverse work environments to help improve supply chain productivity at every opportunity.”

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