300,000-Patient Primary Care Network in Canada Achieves Substantial Savings with UKG

November 8, 2021, LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla.,

UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), a leading global provider of human capital management (HCM), payroll, HR service delivery, and workforce management solutions, announced today that Mosaic Primary Care Network (PCN), a group of family doctors and healthcare professionals creating healthier communities in Calgary, is using UKG Pro and UKG Dimensions to automate complex union rules related to scheduling and payroll.

Mosaic PCN previously leveraged an HCM solution that provided limited administrative control over payroll processing. When Mosaic PCN’s workforce became unionized in 2019, the company recognized that it would need a more robust solution to manage the complexity of its pay structure, which included paying shift premiums and navigating salary increments that change depending upon the number of hours worked. Mosaic PCN sought out UKG following the 2020 UKG merger in order to take advantage of a single provider that offered consolidated, best-of-breed payroll processing and world-class timekeeping that would eliminate Mosaic PCN’s reliance on spreadsheets for scheduling.

“Before UKG, we had to process most union rules manually, with employees and managers filling out forms, getting approvals, and sending the documents to payroll,” said Sarah Laviolette, financial reporting manager at Mosaic PCN. “Advanced scheduling capabilities in Dimensions can accommodate every clause in the union agreement related to scheduling, premium pay, and alternative-work-arrangement overtime rules. Likewise, we now track salary increments automatically, with accurate adjustments made based on hours worked. Managers just tag the appropriate rule.”

As a result of automating these processes, Laviolette reports that the payroll department is saving one full day of processing time. With UKG, individuals no longer need to work on the weekends to run payroll, and, as a consequence, managers also are relieved of the time pressure to review and approve team entries. In addition, by eliminating manual processes and calculations, Mosaic PCN is benefitting from improved payroll accuracy.

“We have many out-of-the-box reports and audits we can run with UKG Pro Payroll,” said Laviolette. “We run pre-check exceptions, pre-check summary liability, and the manager-favorite employee-audited-changes report, which highlights only those changes that require review. All of these reports were compiled manually in the past, and we would often have to make corrections after payroll was already run.”

Laviolette noted that simplifying scheduling with Dimensions has empowered managers to take control of their employees’ schedules.

“The schedules for our Medical Office Assistants, for example, used to be kept on spreadsheets, but with UKG, managers set up and automate schedules,” said Laviolette. “Managers have found the solution is very intuitive and simple to use, and they like the way they can create more effective schedules for their employees. Automating processes saves each manager about an hour each month, because they no longer need to compare schedules with timecards, verify punches, and complete forms for special pay premiums. With 15 managers in our company, we are accumulating substantial time savings.”

In addition to being able to plan and execute employee schedules, managers are pleased with the visibility delivered by the UKG scheduling solution.

“Managers can not only view their teams’ schedules with the click of a button, but also take advantage of a dashboard view that provides information such as vacation accruals,” said Laviolette. “In the past, HR would have to send manually compiled monthly reports to managers to show employee vacation accruals. Now, managers can see every day when they log into UKG how large a liability they are carrying and take action as appropriate.”

“Primary care is often viewed as the foundation of a strong healthcare system and the key to achieving population health, which is an increasingly top-of-mind goal for all care professionals,” said Nanne Finis, RN, MS, chief nurse executive at UKG. “It is a privilege to partner with Mosaic PCN in a way that simplifies scheduling and payroll processing for their managers so that their clinical teams can stay focused on delivering quality and equitable care throughout the communities they serve.”

“Real-time data exchange across HR processes is critical for companies looking to optimize compliance, speed, and productivity,” said Chris Todd, president at UKG. “We are pleased that Mosaic PCN is capitalizing on UKG’s expertise in HCM and workforce management to achieve substantial efficiencies and elevate the employee experience.”

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