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Our ESG Program
Talent and People Programs

We’re dedicated to helping our employees thrive in their careers.

Talent and People Programs
When we say our purpose is people, we mean it.

We could not do what we do without the incredible commitment, passion, and work of our talented employees (also known as “U Krewers”).

It all starts with how we care for our own people.

Delivering HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions that help organizations better serve their people all starts with the ways we care for our own people at UKG. Across the world, we have practices in place to ensure all U Krewers can thrive at every stage of their careers — from our comprehensive benefits and programs to our core values and behaviors that drive all we do.

Our Culture of Unity, Kindness, and Growth

Our core values and associated behaviors drive everything we do at UKG. They shape our programs and policies and hold our employees and managers accountable through performance reviews.

At UKG, we are:

United — we are inclusive and collaborative

Kind — we trust and care for one another

Growing — we remain agile and accountable

Discover more about our award-winning culture at UKG.

Unmatched Employee Experience

To create an environment more conducive to work, we support our employees through a variety of programs that reward U Krewers for their contributions to our organization and nurture their need for a balanced life. It is a foundational part of our culture and reflects our dedication to the inspiration and innovation that drives our business and enriches the lives of our employees.

Some of our most meaningful U.S. employee benefits and programs include:

  • Unlimited paid time off (known as U Krew Time), available to all full- and part-time employees to use for vacation, sick time, volunteering, voting, and more

  • 100%-company-paid healthcare premiums (medical, dental, and vision), with coverage extending to spouses, domestic partners (same and opposite sex), and dependents

  • 45% dollar-for-dollar match on all 401(k) contributions, with no lifetime cap

  • Fully paid leave, including maternity, paternity, and adoptive leave

  • Fertility treatment coverage for employees looking to grow their families

  • Adoptive financial assistance to help cover the costs of child adoption

  • Student loan repayment assistance, available to all employees upon hire, with no lifetime limit

  • College scholarships for children and/or legal dependents of employees

  • Tuition reimbursement to help employees pay for an undergraduate or graduate degree

To learn more about the UKG benefits program, visit our Careers page.

Celebrating Our Employees

Caring for our employees as people means also recognizing, celebrating, and thanking them for constantly going above and beyond for our customers and one another. At UKG, we have several programs and benefits in place to reward our employees’ hard work, from a formal peer-recognition platform called Celebrate U to short- and long-term financial rewards in the form of performance bonuses and company equity shares.

Career Development Opportunities

At UKG, we believe every employee should have equal opportunities to thrive in all aspects of their individual careers. To this end, we invest in a number of professional development, learning, and training programs that enable U Krewers to build new and refine current skills, explore new career opportunities, and unlock their full potential as employees and people. This includes complimentary memberships to LinkedIn Learning, with over 16,000 courses spanning business, creative, and technology topics, as well as a [email protected] program that enables U Krewers to participate in short-term, high-impact projects while trying new roles across the company.

Employee Health and Wellbeing

We remain committed to ensuring the safety, health, and wellbeing of all UKG employees while also maintaining uninterrupted, exceptional support to our customers, suppliers, and partners. This includes addressing both immediate (e.g., weather, fire, etc.) and prolonged (pandemic) crisis events where employees may require support, guidance, or financial relief. Supplemental to these crisis events, the UKG health and wellbeing set of programs aspire to empower and support employees and their families throughout their journey to achieve optimal wellbeing and happiness both at work and at home.

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