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Our ESG Program

UKG Corporate Governance and Accountability

Embedded in our culture is a profound commitment to doing the right thing for our employees, customers, and stakeholders. 

UKG Corporate Governance and Accountability
The UKG culture is an intentional one.

Ours is a culture that values diverse perspectives, actively sacrifices individual preferences in order to benefit the greater good, values transparency and kindness, is adaptive and agile, offers support and opportunities for growth, and relentlessly pursues great outcomes.

We value diverse perspectives with an emphasis on transparency and kindness.

This includes actively working to earn and maintain trust by showing consistency between our words and actions, by being transparent, and by taking personal and collective responsibility for the decisions we make and the outcomes that follow.

2021 Highlights on UKG Corporate Governance and Accountability


  • We established a formal, cross-functional ESG steering committee and leadership team with executive sponsorship and support from key equity partners.

  • We added four new members to our board of directors in the fields of business transformation, diversity and belonging, and workplace productivity.

  • We participated in external ESG audits, including EcoVadis, CDP, and Sedex, to showcase continuous corporate improvement.

  • We invested $530 million in research and development to design innovative products and bolster customer success.

  • We mapped our supply chain to better understand diversity and introduce practices that demonstrate our ESG commitment beyond UKG.

Areas of Strategic Focus

Privacy and Data Protection
At UKG, we are committed to providing direct, timely, and relevant information about our privacy, security, and compliance practices. We are dedicated to safeguarding our customers’ sensitive business information and data, including maintaining rigorous data-security standards to prevent unauthorized data disclosures.

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Governance and Business Ethics
We strive to do the right thing in everything that we do. Excellence and integrity are cornerstones of the UKG culture to ensure we act as good corporate citizens to our customers, our communities, and one another. We have developed, and continue to modify and evolve, a strategic set of ethics- and compliance-related programs, including a code of conduct, governance structure, and competitive behavior. Additionally, we heavily focus on ensuring we meet all environmental responsibilities with our supply chain, human rights and labor practices, and ethics and anti-corruption efforts.

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UKG has many dedicated policies, practices, and protocols to protect our IT infrastructure, networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access, collection, retention, and use of sensitive, confidential, and/or proprietary customer or user data, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII). We are committed to continually improving our incident response, staff training, and additional mechanisms to ensure the security of customer and user data.

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