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UKG Environmental Responsibility

We care deeply about our environmental impact and our responsibility to take care of the world in which we live and work.

Environmental Responsibility at UKG
We're committed to reducing our environmental footprint

Our recent and ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, including both our own corporate output and the sustainability and environmental practices of our trusted suppliers and vendors, are a critical component of our ESG program.

2021 Highlights on UKG Environmental Responsibility


  • By investing in carbon output-measurement capabilities, we will soon be able to track and reduce our carbon footprint across critical business areas. 

  • We created programs to support sustainable and renewable business practices, such as waste and energy management.

  • To further strengthen our green initiatives, we developed employee-education awareness through tailored programs such as Green Week.

  • We implemented a Supplier Code of Conduct to enable sustainable and eco-friendly vendor relationships.

Areas of Strategic Focus

Climate Change
Climate change is one of the core pillars of our sustainability initiatives. We strive to continually measure, manage, and minimize energy use and resulting greenhouse-gas emissions by expanding our programs and evaluating our progress through internal and external voluntary audit processes each year. We recognize that global climate change presents a challenge to all of us, and we are dedicated to being good stewards of our planet by reducing our overall environmental footprint.

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As part of our sustainability initiatives, we strive to maintain our facilities and run our business operations in a responsible manner. Efforts to reduce and minimize solid waste and increase recycling and waste diversion are ongoing, as well as identifying and decreasing the consumption of natural resources through our business activities and procurement processes.

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As a global technology company that largely delivers products via cloud solutions, UKG feels it is increasingly important to also focus on reducing our e-waste. Current efforts include optimizing our business applications and storage, continually evolving cloud-data lifecycle management, and relying on more energy-efficient data centers.

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